XVI əsr Azərbaycan ədəbi dil leksikonu


  • Salman Suleymanov Bakı Avrasiya Universiteti, Filologiya fakültəsinin dekanı, Bakı, Azərbaycan




16th century, literary language of Azerbaijan, style, genre, borrowed words, form, content, Arabic words


The article focuses on the literary language of the 16th century Azerbaijan from the point of view of the Arabic lexical units used in our language at that time. It is shown that the frequency of use of Arabic lexical units in the literary language of the 16th century Azerbaijan has increased more than in the previous centuries. The reason for this is that classical book stylistics and genres are more established in our literature and these genres require more Arabic lexical units. At the same time, it is added that the use of Arabic lexical words in the literary language of the 16th century is also divided into different frequencies in terms of genres. So, these lexical units are reflected much in some genres, and relatively little in some genres. And the classical prose language is richer in these lexical units.

While taking a general look at the literary language of the 16th century Azerbaijan and coming to a certain conclusion on the general features of this language, we see that the classic book stylistics plays a leading role in this language, certain genres are more active, and the Arabic-Persian lexicon, especially the Arabic lexical units, play a more important role in ensuring this activity. One of the most characteristic signs of the existence of the Arabic lexicon in the literary language of Azerbaijan in this century is that this lexicon is active in both secular and mystical literature, but it is more noticeable in one, and still more in the other, but in a slightly secular content compared to the first.

In the article, while discussing the literary language of Azerbaijan in the 11th century, the classical stylistics of poetry and its mutual relations with our literary language are studied and interpreted, and it is shown that if stylistic issues are related to the peculiarities of the literary language, then, as we said, it is not about the genre - rhyme, weight, form, clause structure, etc. problems of the genres that formed the literary language styles of the Middle Ages, but, of course, it is primarily about the linguistic materials.


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