Journalists Who Mediated Youtube as a Place for Slow Journalism: The Example of Fatih Altayli




Digitalization, news, slow journalism


Journalism is undoubtedly one of the fields that has undergone a radical transformation in the digitalization process. Based on the fact that news production, sharing and distribution processes have changed in the digital age, the nature of the concept of journalism has also gained new views. Accordingly, in an age where all the processes that make up the journalism activity are built with 'speed', information has taken on a fluidity that we cannot quickly hold in our hands, follow with our eyes, or knead in our minds. With the speed and advanced understanding of time brought by the digital age, the information provided by the news is now experienced as temporary data that is grasped instantly and occupies a floating ground in our minds without delving into it in depth. 'Slow journalism', as a concept that defines this problem and produces a solution by highlighting the quality of information, aims to change the current position of journalism, which is shortened, reduced to stereotypes and quantity, and to change the historical, cultural, social or political background and context of information. It holds the promise of revealing. In this context, based on the argument that 'Youtube', as a platform that is independent from the institutional structure of traditional media and approaches its users democratically in terms of production and use of information, can be an example of slow journalism, Fatih Altaylı, as a free journalist broadcasting on this platform, explains Youtube programs and users' Their comments to the news program were examined. It has been tried to reveal the technical features of Altaylı's program and the dimensions of the users who comment on the program as individuals who consume the news, which overlap with the ideals of the concept of slow journalism.


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