Четвертая Тетрадь Цикла «24 Прелюдии» Кара Караева





Gara Garayev, prelude series, neoclassicism, passacaglia, polyphonic core, fugue


The presented article was dedicated to the 4th and the last book of G.Garayev’s “24 Preludes”. The written works for the piano are in the minority in G.Garayev’s works. "24 Preludes", a piano series, is of great importance and expresses the change of style in the composer's work.

Each book of the piano series "24 preludes" consists of six pieces. The preludes in the series are played in major and minor tones of the fifth circle. For example: C dur-c moll, G dur-g moll   and e.t.c. None of the preludes in the series have a specific name, however, each of them is different with their poetic and figurative content.

The first two books (I-XII) were written in 1951-1952 and are connected with the ballet "Seven Beauties" and "Albanian Rhapsody" in many ways. The third book (XIII-XVIII)  is the same as the ballet "Lightning Roads" (in 1957), and the last (XIX-XXIV) was written by the composer before the violin concerto and the third symphony.

The last book reflects the stylistic innovation in G.Garayev’s works. The polyphonic beginning is of great importance in the preludes. This led to creating a serious and rational form in the music, as well as the deepening of the emotional structure.

Garayev's music is always distinguished by perfect style, rational harmony and sensitive beginning.



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