• Faruk KARACA Prof. Dr. Atatürk Üniversitesi


Hac, Motivation, scale


Although the worship that brings the believer together with God in his consciousness differs from religion to religion, worshipThere is no religion without it. The main function of worship, which has physical and financial dimensions, is the religiousis to fill his consciousness with the being he believes in. Although the pilgrimage is in different places, times and features, there are manyIt is one of the religious practices. The Islamic pilgrimage differs from the pilgrimage in other religions in many ways.offers. The only form of worship that includes both property and physical dimensions in Islamic worship.Besides being the cross, which has the most symbolic meaning and works, and which gives a religious title to its performer,In addition to being a singular worship, it is a kind of worship set. Because a relatively longMany of the other religious practices (prayer, sacrifice, charity) during the pilgrimage worship spread over a period of time.as it continues to be performed, in blessed times in blessed spaces filled with memoriesBeing doing the same thing with millions of people significantly affects the psychology of worship.are among the factors. In the communiqué, those who intend and express will for the Islamic pilgrimage“Hac Motivations” developed to measure the pilgrimage motivations of individuals and their preparations.scale” has been introduced


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