The Problem of Identification with the News Source as an Example of Ethical Violation in Journalism




Journalism, Identification, News Sources, Ethical Violations, Impartiality


One of the most common ethical communications in the journalism profession is the problem of identification with the news source. This problem, which is not kept in the police guesthouse, is also seen in other transport children of the profession. Police discussion's behaving like a policeman, using this fake image to recruit power, acting as a spokesperson for the police and the military, the courthouse rival taking on the attitude of a lawyer, pursuing business in the courthouse on behalf of his boss, business follow-up by the economy reporter on behalf of his boss, playing in the stock market by insider learning, culture - Examples of identification with news sources in journalists, such as the art reporter emulating the bohemian lifestyle, the sports reporter acting like a club manager, the tabloid reporter using the popularity of the tabloid celebrities with whom he is in close contact, the political reporter's dedication to the views of the party he follows instead of the public, his attempt to take part in player transfers. can be displayed. It is very important for the journalist to maintain his independent personality, especially in police reporting. There are examples of the manipulation of journalists by state law enforcement forces by arguing that they are prosecuting monarchs. The understanding of the public system is not the journalist's stance on the side of the police and the military, and the state's setting up the news as a target for the interests of these repression devices. Identification turns into an element of pressure that limits the infinity of the press with its dimension that hurts the exception of the journalist and the objectivity of the news. Journalists should follow the contact-distance rules against all kinds of news sources.


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