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In the study, a total of 84 articles have been identified in the google scholar database by selecting only the article option with the keywords of covid 19 pandemic "supply chain strategies". These articles have been reduced to 20 articles by filtering according to whether they addressed the relationship between supply chain strategies and the pandemic in the whole of the article. The selected articles were published in 17 different journals and a total number of 70 authors contributed. The institutions of the authors were mainly universities (72%) followed by hospitals (13%). The mentioned institutions were found to be mainly located in the USA (23%), China (20%), India (10%) and Malesia (9%). In the examined articles, the sensitivity, resilience and sustainability of the supply chain in the food, health, transportation and manufacturing sectors were discussed within the scope of Covid 19. The reviewed articles underlined that for success in these challenges; industry 4.0 technologies such as additive manufacturing, blockchain, big data, cloud computing, augmented and virtual reality, internet of things, machine learning, artificial intelligence, drone, robot, digital, location, and navigation instruments must be combined with existing supply chain strategies, and new supply chain strategies with these technologies must be introduced. In addition, attention was drawn to global justice in the food sector and especially in terms of access to food.

It is predicted that the strategies, changes and innovations that will be introduced in our lives with the global pandemic crises will increasingly continue. For example, it is considered that we can witness many new strategies and changes and similar innovations in the short term, such as sending the detailed file of the product to the point of need in electronic environment and producing the mentioned product at that point thanks to additive manufacturing, instead of the delivery of the physical products to the customer through the supply chain when an order is placed. As a result, this study attempts to make a future projection of the supply chain strategies that can be applied to cope with a global crisis like a pandemic and potential Industry 4.0 instruments that can be used with them, both for managers and academics.


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