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Our country has undergone great socio-economic and cultural-political changes in 80-90s of the XX century. Although on the one hand the process of globalization taken place in our modern world, technology development, new thought such as Internet and virtualization-information models pave the way to positive changes, impact of this process on historical and cultural heritage, moral and spiritual values is ambiguous. All of these changes affect cultural and moral values that form and direct public consciousness. It stipulates the occurence of new trends in moral values of the Azerbaijani society as a whole, in particular in family life. Meanwhile, the characteristics of a family reflect the reality and the character of Azerbaijan. There is observed a synthesis of both contempopary world conception and modern values, as well as national cultural features, in particular moral and ethical values. The protection of national identity is primarily connected with national values, including the family in the era of globalization, which is associated with the problem of interaction of nations and multidimensionality of cultural ties. Family is tied with a wide range of relationships as a system. These are relationships between parents, relationships between children, those between parents and children and the relationships within a family amidst different generations, including grandparents, depending on longevity. It is also the family's relationship with relatives in a wider context. Mutual relationship between family and the individuals who make it up has complex system according to which family ties can be controlled by perceiving it. The unity of the system of cultural values, the compatibility of views about the nature and goals of family, approaches to education of children, the role, responsibilities and duties of spouses, as well as emotional community of spouses, etc. can be cited among the factors that strengthen family ties. The well-being of modern family depends mainly on the interaction of the family with the society in which it lives and with the numerous invisible wires that connect it to society, i.e. the environment.

Family, values, traditions, Islamic religion, modern society


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