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In the article the ways of forming the foreign language lexical skills and the process of approach to teaching the lexical side of foreign language speech are investigated. The object of this article was the process of formation of foreign language lexical skills in the first-primary education. The topicality of the research carried out by the author consists of the formation of the communicative methodology of teaching vocabulary. As a result of studying the ways of formation of foreign language lexical skills the author has found out that there are some peculiar features of the communicative method of teaching foreign language vocabulary. This is mainly visibility in the learning process, the implementation of the educational and cognitive process in one of the problematic direction, training with the communicative nature, the development of students as individuals in the foreign language lessons. Forming lexical competence in the process of learning a foreign language is as important and necessary as teaching the phonetic and grammatical levels of the language. The author has also analyzed the literature that covered and investigated the formation of the foreign language lexical skills. The article indicates that the use of visual aids - books, films, songs - should also be considered in the formation of foreign-language lexical skills. The author shows that the realization of the studied knowledge during the training period in practice, that is, in real life is also an important condition for the formation of lexical competence.

communication, foreign language skills, methods, vocabulary, pedagogy, training, formation.


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