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This study aims to reveal the distinctions of individuals engaged in art making within the scope of ethical values that are thought to coincide with the identity of being an artist. Moreover, this study aims to open a discussion on the role and function of ethical values in a process involving art acting and presenting / exhibiting. The definition and scope of the artist identity is also examined in this way. The content of art works, manifesto values, and the way they are exhibited are considered as holistic in the context of the role and function of ethical values, and are also concerned with causality-problematic relationships.In the dilemma of the level of anxiety in creating aesthetic value in terms of art and continuing art, the loss of ethical values is evaluated with some important examples. It is not a daily or short-term outcome for individuals who are engaged in the act of acquiring prestige, making a career or making art with monetary / commercial concerns. In this direction, it is possible that the way of the individual's existence in the crowd and the crowd is subject to the search for quality and anxiety. It is believed that, despite the comforts of current habits, convenience, and self-interest based on popularity, individual attitudes / approaches can be developed with ethical values, in fact, it will be possible for the art criticism institution to create inclusive up-to-date literature and ethical value criteria. The concept of the necessity of art for centuries has been debated, and now it is opened to discussion in the context of genuine necessity with an overview of the necessity of ethical values as well as aesthetic value concerns in art.

The Act of Art, Ethics in Art.


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