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Nigar Hanım (1862-1918), one of the last female poets of the Ottoman Empire, kept memorandum books before her death. In addition to their friends, family and poets, the palace man wrote memories in these notebooks. The pages that contain the thoughts of his close circle about Mrs. Nigar are historical documents that enlighten her social and literary life. Nigar Hanım has two books in the National Library, which can be reached as Album-i Edibe (06 Mil Yz A 1698; 65 foils) and Hatırat (06 Mil Yz A 1674; 184 foils). The articles/notes in various languages. In this study, the poems in the notebook named Hatırat, which attracts attention with its richness, will be evaluated. The pages of poets and writers of the period such as Ahmed Kemal (Akünal), Manyasizade Refik, Fa'ik Ali Ozansoy, Hüseyin Suat Yalçın, Ali Haydar, Mustafa Reşid and Recaizade Mahmud Ekrem, are valuable in terms of showing feelings towards Nigar Hanım. In addition, it was noteworthy that praise was at the forefront and various works were used in poems that were written between 1891-1916.

Nigar Hanım, 19th.-20th. Century, Hatırat, Poems.


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