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İntellectual İdioms in Azerbayijani end English

The purpose of the investigation: In this article Azerbaijani and English idioms that characterize the mental abilities of a person are discussed. The article attempts to find out the similarities and differences between the idioms of the Azerbaijani and English languages. Intelligence is a value, the presence of intelligence is evaluated positively, the absence is evaluated negatively. Thus, the consistent connection of lexemes denoting the intellectual properties of a person with an absolute assessment indicates the importance of the opposition in the core of the described field. In the minds of speakers of Azerbaijani and English, the intellectual properties of a person are reflected, first of all, in the opposition “smart - fool”. The idioms denoting a "fool" are much more than “smart’, therefore, an intelligent person is determined by contrasting the qualities of a stupid person, a “fool”. Philosophers, scientists and experts of various qualifications have long been engaged in the study of the intellect and intellectual abilities of man. Intellect, intellectual abilities, the establishment and study of the structure of intelligence always drew attention of not only psychologists, but also philologists, physiologists, etc. By intellectual abilities we understand the totality of cognitive properties and abilities of an individual associated with sensations, perceptions, memory, ideas, thinking, imagination, the general ability to cognize and solve problems, which determines the success of any activity.

İdiom, İntellect, İdioms related to intellect, Translation ways


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