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Communication is a necessary skill for both the people and the institutions of society to sustain their existence happily and peacefully. So it is wrong to think that communication is merely talking. Communication is everything that transforms a person and society from “Me” to “We”. For example, communication is sometimes a show card, sometimes talking, sometimes being silent, sometimes looking, sometimes laughing, sometimes writing… The basic duties of Allah when sending his prophets to the earth; to inform people of God's orders. A mission, which has divine criteria of invitation, has also divine methods or is under the protection of God. These methods differed according to the characteristics of the societies which the prophets sent to. Each prophet was sent not to foreign communities, but to societies in which he was born and raised, in which he knew and lived. In a society in which the language and culture are alien, it will make the invitation of the Prophet difficult in many ways. Communicating with the members of society is only possible by knowing the values that make up the society, such as the language, culture and beliefs of society. Because of that God says in the Quran: “We never sent any messenger except in the language of his people, to make things clear for them…” (İbrahim, 14/4). This verse emphasizes the reason why the prophets were sent with the same language of their communities. It is also possible to summarize this situation as follows: The messages of the Prophet were conveyed by the language of the people in order to be understood by the interlocutors and not to be misunderstood about religion. This is the condition that the communication between the Prophet and his community should be at the highest level and in a healthy way without any disruption. Muhammad is a universal prophet, and it is essential to have basic dynamics that make the teachings of the Prophet universal. It is possible to list the basic dynamics of the Prophet, who will communicate with all the human beings establish this communication network with the whole world, as follows: 1. Tawhid 2. Ethics 3. Justice 4. Tolerance 5. Universal 6. Example 7. Trustworthy The Prophet was considering the characteristics of the individuals and societies and the most important of the methods used in communicating with their interlocutors is oral communication.

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