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The aim of this study is to compare the gross motor skills of two groups of the same age, who are engaged in tennis sports and have different playing time. 30 boys aged 7-8 years old who volunteered for tennis at a tennis club participated in the study voluntarily. While the duration of playing tennis in one of these two groups is between 12-24 months (20.40 ± 5.79 months) (licensed), the other group athletes have just started tennis (2.10 ± 0.73 months) (new). Jumping quickness and balance levels of the subjects were examined.
Long jump and one foot jump tests were used to measure the jumping skills of the subjects. While the long jump was recorded as the distance in meters skipped, the jump test on one leg was recorded as the number of jumps. Quickness skills of the subjects were evaluated with a tennis-specific test and the time to complete the test was recorded. The balance levels of the subjects were measured with the one-leg standing test. Data analysis was done using SPSS 21 program. Since the data did not show a normal distribution, the comparison between the two groups was made with the Mann Whitney-U test. It was determined that the values of long jump, standing on one leg and jumping on one leg were not statistically different between licensed and new tennis players (p>0.05). When the quickness times were compared, it was found that licensed tennis players completed the test in a shorter time (p<0.01). As a result, starting tennis sports at an early age is very important in order to increase the speed and hence the quickness, which is one of the most important motoric skills.

Tennis, quickness, jumping, balance.


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