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Today, the civil war in Turkey’s neighbor Syria started in 2011 is still going on and the national and international problems it caused progressively increase. This situation of Syria, which is an important Middle Eastern country, did not influence only its people but also many countries mainly the neighbouring country Turkey and Russia, Iran and the US have either directly or indirectly been involved in this war. Today, Syria is still a Middle Eastern country, where the destruction between the people and the regime continues and international interests are foreseen and plans are made. The situation in Syria affects even other countries in the world on a global scale, so it is inevitable to influence the bordering country  Turkey. Turkey’s strategical geopolitical position makes it an area open to probable attacks from the Middle-East. Turkey experienced problems in its religious, military, commercial, and political relations with Syria because of this war and took measures against this war to protect its border security. After this civil war, Syrians began to come to Turkey in an increasing number and still live in Turkey. Of course, the number of these refugees (3 million) is not a small figure and has caused the effects of the civil war to be experienced in Turkey. The social, economic, administrative problems and of these refugees and problems related to accommodation occurred over time. Those refugees who live in almost all cities of Turkey have both had negative impacts on the city structure, the residents’ social structure, family arrangement, job opportunities, and social issues and caused them to react. To investigate the sociological reflections of the Syrian civil war on the world in general, and on Turkey in particular, is the major aim of this study. Political, social, economic, cultural and military reflections of the Syrian civil war on Turkey will be examined. In this context, in this article the main frame of sociological reflections of the Syrian civil war on Turkey will be tried to be drawn.

Syria, Civil-war, Middle East, Turkey, Sociological Reflection


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