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Metaphorical Transfers in The Poems of Mahtumkulu Firaki And Abdulla Oripov

In the study, some concepts such as heart, voice, word, line, poem, epic, idea in the poems of Turkmen national poet Mahtumkulu Firâkî and Uzbek national poet Abdulla Oripov were analyzed in terms of metaphorical transfers. As it is known, the classical Turkmen literature of Firaki, who lived in the 18th century, Oripov, on the other hand, are two prominent figures of modern Uzbek Literature. In the research, the relationship between language and thought was examined and it was aimed to draw attention to the meanings attributed to the aforementioned concepts and the conceptual thought structure, contemplation power, mental journey, inner voice and expression style of both poets. The concept of metaphor, which was initially focused on by philosophy, has become a common concept applied by many disciplines, especially literature, over time. Metaphorical elements determined by using the document analysis method; It has been categorized on the basis of ontological, structural, orientation metaphors that were formulated as conventional metaphors by George Lakoff and Mark Johnson in the 1980s. In addition, metonymic uses and some indirect (perifrastic) elements are also included. It is aimed to analyze some cultural codes in Turkmen and Uzbek literature through the literary heritage of these artists.

Mahtumkulu, Abdulla Oripov, metaphor.


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