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The dominant worldpowers, whose qualification of being a power center got stronger with globalization, have had a structure that affects everywhere. These powers could not be expected tore main in different to Central Asia. Because the Central Asia Region has an interesting structure with it srich underground and above ground resources. Considered as the first homeland of the Turks, Central Asia is a part of the world that has always been the domain of sovereignty wars in the historical process. The Turks, who have been living in Central Asia since the earliest times of history, have been in the struggle of the world's global powers. The great effects of the global competition, sometimes between the great powers with in there gionand sometimes by the powers outside the region, have always been felt. Russia and China have more opportunities in Central Asia than distant global powers. For this reason, various invasions, regional wars, division strategies, in short, power wars in Central Asia have become an unchangeable fate. Inthisstudy, the economic relations in Central Asiaand the position of the global powers, which can also be named as Great Powers, were evaluated with the method of theoretical analysis. As a result of this evaluation, it has been determined that the economic interests of the great powers of the world are effective on the basis of even various regional, ethnological and religious conflicts. Especially Russia and China's divide-and-rule policy has been the determinant of the fate of the Central Asian people for the last three centuries. It was as if the set wopower sagreed with each other and shared and invaded the regions and as a result, the poverty of the societies in Central Asia increased while the exploitation order they formed strengthened themselves.

Central Asia, Global Powers, Globalization, Economic Relations


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