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It is one of the important phenomena in the development of humanity to go through different stages in the historical process. In the beginning period of human history, the most basic needs of believers in nutrition with hunting along with the elimination of the Hunter society was called and Agriculture began. It was important that people in the established life order, starting with agriculture, also lived together. Because of this, innovations in the established order of people in small communities began to move towards the stage of nationalization. With the beginning of the industrial revolution in question, peoples have become structures that encourage their development and can produce in a serial manner. In the grouping of integration in human history, Hunter societies were called society 0.1 society 0.2, societies that were characterized as aggregators with the arrival of Agriculture, and societies that went into mass production with the Industrial Revolution were also called Society 0.3. In the activation of information sharing with the invention of the Computer, Society 0.4 emerged. Superior developments in information and communication technologies constitute the structure of society as well as radical revisions within the industry. The end of the century living in artificial intelligence, robotics, Internet of Things, autonomous tools, 3D printers, nanotechnology, biotechnology, augmented reality, also the calculation of the first energy storage, and quantum computing, which is one of the most promising application areas in developing technological efforts on social and economic life in the form of an integration process has revealed. The next step in this transformation process is called Society 5.0. Another name is society 0.5, which is a super-intelligent society, and society 4.0, as well as living in wealth, can also be defined as a type of information society that targets a human-centered approach.

Society 5.0, Organizations, Information Society


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