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This study was conducted to find out answers to sub-questions of the aim to ineasure a coordination abilities and management processes of faculty administrators at private Near East University. To this aim, a questionnaire was distributed to 120 teachers in total who were randomly selected within nine existing faculties at Near East University in 2010-1012 • academic years. The questionnaire was. a 5-point Likert scale type consisting of 59 items and having eight measurement types was prepared to identify teachers' gender, age, marital status, education status, based on criteria of seniority, management course and participation course seminars. The questionnaire was administered to 120 teachers in nine faculties. However, 13 questionnaires did not return. Perceptions of 107 teachers were included in the research in total. Obtained data was coded into data tables and analyzed by using SPSS 17 program, T- test, ANOV A, and LSD test was applied for Multiple Comparison Statistical Analysis Results. Findings were discussed by presenting them in tables. According to the analysis of the thesis, important differences were found the perceptions of teachers related to management processes of management profession and acceptance of the level of this profession in terms of gender, type of school, age, carrier seniority, area of position, and perceptions of academicians related to school type, age, carrier seniority and area of position in terms of physical structure oft.he school arid organizational environment of teaching and learning.

Educational Administration, Management Processes, Management Powers.


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