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The role of infaq, in the Islamic culture is significant. Infaq is the most important factor that provides the solidarity and coalescence between the rich and the poor, which form the society. Therefore infaq is encouraged in many verses of the Quran and parallel to these verses, many hadiths have been reported from the Prophet (p.b.u.h.) on this topic. In addition, the companions practiced infaq in light of the relevant verses and hadiths and were a good example for their successors. Most of the studies on this topic are on the ethical aspect of infaq and its conceptual framework according to the Quran. In this article, apart from benefiting from the mentioned studies, we will focus on the legal dimension of infaq. In this aspect, starting from verses, hadiths and practices of the companions, after telling about the essence and significance of the term infaq, and taking the chronological order of the Quran, we will try to explain the process of its development in the light of the relevant verses and hadiths. Then we will collect and classify the fiqh issues, which are scattered in fiqh books, according to the legal provisions. In addition we will study the term “afw”, which is an important form of infaq, and try to determine its legal provision.

Infaq, Alimony, Provision, Obligatory, Mustahab, Afw.


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