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The role of the features concerning the sentence in the formation of syntactic semantics of a simple sentence

The role of sentencing features in the formation of syntactic semantics of a simple sentence The article is intended for doctoral dissertation. Written to serve the testimony of the content of the dissertation. We consider this article useful in drawing attention to the sentence collection of sentences and interpretation of the Azerbaijani language material. The set of sentences in the sentence is defined in the group for the corresponding comb: lexical, grammatical and intonational. There is a special position in the article to describe the specific language of each of these meaning groups and their specific semantic means. The phenomenon of phonetic, lexic, and grammatical language can be regarded as a complex expression of syntactic semantics. The proof of the parallel development of modal syntactic semantics and syntactic structure-semantics is also one of the indications of the article. As a whole, syntactic semantics creates favorable ground for the research of the new aspect of a simple sentence. Syntactic semantics also has a sufficient position in determining the content of the style-semantic shades of a simple sentence.

syntactic semantics, semantic-structure, phono-semantics, lexical-semantic logical sentence, grammatical structure, simple sentence.


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