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The article is devoted to modern theories of economic growth. The analysis of the article shows that economic growth is an increase in a country's ability to produce the required goods and services. Economic growth is directly related to the development and expansion of these indicators, as these opportunities include the quantity and quality of goods and services, as well as the technologies used. Economists around the world group the factors that affect economic growth in different ways. The main factors of economic growth are direct and indirect, extensive and intensive, managed and unmanaged, economic and non-economic, etc. divide into groups. In general, our perception of the situation in the economy is often formed on the basis of changes in economic activity from year to year. Usually, recession leads to despair and pessimism, and monetary expansion leads to hope and optimism. However, when you look at the overall economic situation over a long period of time, the picture changes. In this case, the fluctuations lose their significance, and growth - the long-term continuous growth of aggregate emissions - is the only indicator that attracts attention in the overall picture. From this we can conclude that a well-developed economy is one in which employment is encouraged, individuals are given the opportunity to decide their own destiny, govern and control, fair welfare is ensured, social cooperation and associations are ensured, and the future of human development is protected. has. The article extensively studies these or other issues and shows the directions of solving the problems.

money-credit, interest rates, inflation, unemployment, recession and crisis.


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