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Common name characteristics are in the dialects of Ağdam district of Karabakh and Erzinjan province of Eastern Anatolia.

In this investigation work it is researched with the dialects of Eastern Anatolian Erzinjan area and the dialects of Agdam region of Karabakh. It is known that both dialects have the most wanderful? Floving accents that all understand during the investigation. Erzincan region shows a feature that connects Eastern Anatolian dialects to Eastern Anatolia with many passages and straits. Starting with the Erzurum plateaus, Erzincan province, which stretches in the direction of Sivas and hangs in the direction of Malatya, has the character of a transition zone with its dialectological position. It is possible to see the dialectological transition in a concrete way in Erzincan, which opens to Erzurum in the east and Sivas in the west, where the cultural approach is as easy as transportation. Migrations, earthquakes, climate and geographical conditions affected the language culture of Erzincan and led to the emergence of a unique dialect. Names have many common features in the dialects of both regions that I mentioned above. In this study, some common features of names in both region dialects were referred to be examined. Erzincan dialect of the language and terms of style of Azerbaijan's Agdam region of the Republic of Turkey is very close to the dialect. Here the nouns have been investigated with the dialects of Eastern Anatolian Erzinjan area and the dialects of Agdam region of Karabakh and the all features of houns with exemples in both areas dialects have been investigated/ In this theme it was also applied to the researched of Turkish and Azerbaijan`s scientists/ The houns used in both countries dialects are investigated for their structure and feature and lexical and grammatical caracteristics and scientific wults have been received.

Karabakh, Agdam region, Eastern Anatolia, the area of Erzinjan dialects.


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