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Energy is an important economic and strategic element for countries. Population growth, the development of industry and the increase in the level of prosperity gradually increase the energy needs of countries. On the other hand, climate change in the world, the rapid consumption of fossil energy resources increases the costs of energy production, transmission and distribution. All this shows that countries should give importance and priority to energy efficiency in managing energy policies. Since energy fossil resources are not sufficient in Turkey, most of the energy consumption needs are provided from foreign countries. This causes Turkey to give a foreign trade deficit, which increases the importance of efficient use of energy resources. In this study, the relationship between primary energy density in Turkey and crude oil prices, savings and carbon emissions was investigated. In order to measure the effect of energy efficiency in Turkey, “primary energy density”, which means the energy consumed to produce unit product, which has been frequently applied in other studies in the literature, has been used. The reason for using other variables is to try to evaluate the efficiency of energy sources with legal, social, political and environmental dimensions. During the analysis phase, the autoregressive distributed lag (ARDL) limit test model was used, and the data was based on annual data covering the period 1990-2019. The reason for selecting the ARDL boundary test is that the variables used in the study are not stationary at the same level as a result of unit root and stationary tests. The results obtained in our study, when evaluated within the scope of hypotheses, concluded that the short-and long-term effects of the savings variable on energy efficiency were significant for Turkey

Energy Efficiency, Savings, CO2, Oil Price


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