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The construction and mining sector is a very dangerous business line with the highest number of occupational accidents in occupational health and safety. In these sectors, it is aimed to prevent work accidents and occupational diseases by providing toolbox training to the employees by OHS experts during the work, and making risk analysis for the dangers and risks detected on that day at the end of the day. Statistically, the business line with the highest number of accidents is construction works. In this regard, protective OHS measures should be taken against occupational accidents and diseases in the construction site environment and employees should be made aware of these measures. The construction sector is an important sector in terms of its contribution to the country's economy and employee employment, although it is a sector of employee turnover, illiterate, uninsured and foreign national workers. It is the sector with the highest number of dangerous movements and dangerous situations, with an average of one work accident per minute. This study was carried out in order to examine the level of awareness of OHS measures taken in a construction site in Artvin province on employees. A questionnaire containing questions about OHS measures and covid-19 was conducted on 52 employees. The answers given to the questions were analyzed with IBM SPSS Statistics 22.0 program and the result “Cronbach's Alpha (α)” value was found to be 0.679 and the value found in the range of 0.6 <α <8 showed that the study was reliable. We have determined that the employees on the construction site do not have sufficient knowledge about OHS measures and covid-19, the employer does not provide sufficient support and they do not want to talk to the authorized person in case of a problem. It has been determined that most of the employees are young, high school graduates, professionally competent and have no occupational disease.

Occupational Health and Safety, Site Workers, Covid-19, Artvin,


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