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Graphic Design Solutions Applied on Children's Room Surfaces in Interior Design

Design elements such as typography, illustration, and photography used in graphic design can also be used indoors on surfaces and reinforcement elements. Original designs support the creation of the identity of the place. The importance of visual arts is great in space. One of the areas of design that greatly affects people in the illustration. Whatever the content of the illustration, it can include different visual styles that can be expressed artistically. The art of illustration can express difficult concepts quickly and technical illustrations are used for this reason. It is also preferred in the sales of product design because of the power of emotional factors and because the illustration can easily capture human emotions. It can also be used to create unique designs that will reveal the difference of the brand The authenticity of the illustration used in the space design is also important in the formation of space's own identity. Original illustrations designed in a unique style according to the user's wishes should be used. Instead of fashionable styles, the application of styles that are suitable for the concept of the space provides a more unique space. The research aims to examine the use of different graphic elements on space surfaces in space design, which is one of the factors that affect the formation of children's identity. Qualitative methods were used as a method, and a literature review was made on graphic design and space design for children. The examined examples are limited to the application of typography and illustration on the walls and reinforcement element surfaces in the children's room space design. The photographs in the archive and internet resources were searched, and the samples of the children's room were examined.

Kids room, interior design, illustration


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