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This study aims to reveal the satisfaction level of TOKİ mass house users who live in Karabük province. The survey data were analyzed using the T-test to compare the means of the two groups, the ANOVA test to compare the means of more than two groups, and the tukey test to find out which groups with a significant difference between them. As a result of the field survey, it was determined that the individuals living in TOKİ houses considered that the size of the living room in the houses where they resided, usefulness of the general plan of the house, and the fact that the rooms in the house received daylight were sufficient. However, it can be said that they were undecided about the number and size of the rooms in the houses, kitchen and bathroom sizes, and materials used, sound and insulation, fire measures, exterior paints and their appearance. It was determined that the participants considered that the lighting around the houses was sufficient. However, it was determined that they were undecided about the adequacy of environmental factors such as areas around the houses, parking lot, shopping malls, facilities where cultural activities are implemented, sports facilities, educational institutions, health units, places of worship, landscaping, public transportation facilities, infrastructure services, municipal services and security. It was revealed that the residents of the houses who participated in the study could ask for help from their neighbors and could meet with neighbors at regular intervals at home. However, it is observed that they were undecided about whether they were satisfied with their neighbor relations, meeting with neighbors at building meetings, and the presence of cooperation and solidarity among the neighbors

Housing Policy, User Satisfaction, TOKİ, Karabük


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