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Summary. The article is devoted to the study of some aspects of the stylistic characteristics of vocabulary in the modern language of poetry. It is noted that in the language of the poem, stylistics is manifested directly in the text, and not in the lexical (or phonetic) unit. Thus, this makes any poetic (or prosaic) text significant and influential from an artistic point of view. In this regard, the purpose of this article is to reveal the significant role of vocabulary in the modern language of poetry. The study widely used methods of artistic description and comparative analysis. The scientific novelty of the article here is the characterization of lexical stylistics in the context of the analysis of the modern language of poetry by Russian poets. It is noted that in poetic texts words with figurative meanings have a certain superiority. They are not always used in their true meaning. The mechanism for converting a word into its metaphorical meaning can be different in different texts and authors. In comparable objects, the omen that belongs to the first object is transferred to the second object, and its concept becomes more enriched and meaningful. Sometimes the word used as a means of comparison is omitted, and there is a shift from nominative to figurative meaning. In artistic language, an obsolete word is usually used to describe old life and everyday life. The archaic meaning of such words does not change. Historical words, mainly in the nominative expression, sometimes have figurative meanings. Dialectical vocabulary, which includes local words with limited processing, is presented in the language of the poem. They personalize the speech of the characters. In conclusion, it is concluded that words and expressions related to colloquial speech are very skillfully used by poets in their writings. Such words, which are not included in the cycle of using the literary language, are comprehensive for everyone because of their use in everyday relationships and sometimes enrich the poetic language with artistic and emotional colors.

: Metaphorical meaning words, Lexic unit, Archaic words, Neologisms, Dialectical lexica.


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