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Today, despite the advancement of technology, patients who have reached the last stage of their disease as a result of increasing chronic diseases,enter this painful period by suffering pain and aches. Since treatment is not considered possible in patients in this period,, it is of special importance not to suffer pain and to be able to act in line with their own needs and wishes in the last phase of their life in order to make death easier. The first palliative care center of patients who have reached the final stage of cancer was established in 1967 by Cicely Saunders in order for them to receive better treatment. According to Cicely Saunders, cancer patients who have stayed in this care senter should have the right to receive care in the most reliable way, as they experience pain and aches until the very last stage. In addition to patients who have reached the last stage of their disease, palliative care also handles the ralatives of patients who are psychologically exhausted in a holistic process. In the holistic approach, not only the physical dimension should be considered, but also should be reviewed in psychologically and spiritual processes. Diagnosing the patient’s disease before and during the application of palliative care, informing the patient about the treatment to be applied to the last stage, the decision whether to explain this situation to the patient, not to hide the disease from the patient in the privacy of the patient, the patient’s relative inform the patient in the most reasonable way, the healthcare personnel should be interested in the treatment of the patient.In such matters, problems with ethical dimensions can be encountered over time. In the study, the mentioned areas and the rethical problems emerging as a result of these areas will be mentioned and the subject will be evaluated with a critical perspective.

Palliative Care, Ethical lssues, Patients, Patient Relatives


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