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This article discusses the impact of COVID-19 on education system. Changes in education system have been interpreted this paper from both Turkey as well as the world in general. While education was shaped according to Covid-19, did it actually fulfill the necessity of the age of the 21st century? In fact, online education was an idea that many schools had designed, but it wasn't much studied on it. Thanks to COVID-19, the transition of education to online platforms could not be achieved step by step. Education underwent a mandatory change without sufficient study time. For such a radical change, it is necessary to proceed step by step, and this is a time-consuming process. There was no opportunity to see the shortcomings in the change process of education system. The world suddenly abandoned traditional education, education modernized in accordance with the age. Also, this sudden change in education system has brought many problems. With online education, it is estimated that there will be certain skill deficiencies in future students. This may affect the productivity in business life in the future. In this article, economic aspects of digitalization of education will be discussed. Well-managed issues, inadequacies and inequalities in the online education process will be emphasized in paper. As a result of different researches and surveys, online education has been addressed from different perspectives.

COVID-19, education, online, digitalization, e-education, modernization


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