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There is a wide range of literature related to the concept of democracy. While democracy as a form of governance primarily is a subject of public administration and political science, in our contemporary society, it is also a branch of some other disciplines such as economics, sociology, education and business administration. From the point of the science of business, democracy is tackled with such concepts as workplace democracy, industrial democracy and organizational democracy. Organizational democracy is the participation of the members of the organization in the process of organization itself, the arrangements in the organization and the decision-making processes. With the democratic management of the organizations the joined decision-making of employees makes it available for the management higher degree of organizational loyalty, job satisfaction increases, and reduction in the turnover and alienation among the employees against the work and the workplace is transcended. The major-principal concern of this study is to handle organizational democracy within the conceptual and theoretical boundaries and to emphasize its importance in the organizational business life.

Industrial Democracy, Workplace Democracy, the Intention of Resigning From the Job, Job Satisfaction.


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