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Enlightenment-realistic stage of Azerbaijani children's literature covers the second half of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. This period is also the formation and initial development stage of our children's literature. In this period, our children's literature is divided into different subject and thought groups. One of the basic colors that made a decision in the idea-subject gallery of Azerbaijani children's literature was connected with humanity. In this article, we tried to take advantage of these studies. This subject and line of ideas constituted one of the important aspects in all three literary genres (Epic, Lyrik, Dramatic). Many artistic examples have emerged in this regard in Azerbaijani educator-realistic children's literature. Children's authors would take into account who their readers were, their understanding of understanding, their level of understanding, and accordingly they would try to present the results on a simpler, more understandable subject and events. They were intended to convey their ideas and decisions to the reader in a more obvious, noticeable manner. In the works on Humanism, children's writers used various artistic tools to introduce the idea in a simpler, easier way. During this period, many examples were created in the humanitarian petition. Azerbaijan children's literature creators-S.A. Şirvani, R. Afandizade, H.Karadağ, A.Yusfizade, A.Sahhat, S.Hajibeyov, A.Shaiq, M.Hadi, M.Sabir, H.Cavid, A.Müznib, İ. T. Musayev-Shushi, S. Mansur, B. Murshud, A. Ulvi and others have studies on what I say.Children's writers tell little readers, "Behave in communication with people, forget about evil, try to respond evil to good!" They provided important and instructive advice. This was one of the main tasks of child writers. We took part in the article by examining the work of children's writers at the time on humanity. We made as many generalizations as possible during the study.Ideya struggled to continue the works that are more important in terms of content and workmanship We made an effort to keep things that are more important in terms of ideas and workmanship.In the period we mentioned, the ideas of humanism-humanity found consistent and productive artistic arrangements in children's literature. These works played an important role in the growth of the Spirit of Humanity in the educational-realistic stage of children's literature. At the same time, our children's literature has created a necessary tradition to work on these topics. In the future, this tradition created an incentive for proper continuity.

Key words: Azerbaijani children's literature, enlightenment-realism, humanity thoughts, the second half of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.


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