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Anna Akhmatova wrote in her poems that she was inseparable from Leningrad. And with Kiev it is also not separated, because its shadow remained on its walls. Anna Andreevna Akhmatova (real name Gorenko) was born on June 23, 1889 near Odessa, in the cottage of Sarakini, in the family of a retired engineer-mechanic of the fleet. When the girl was about a year old, her father retired and the family moved to St. Petersburg - first to Pavlovsk, and then to the Tsarist village, where Anna spent his childhood. Anna Akhmatova forever connected her life with St. Petersburg - Petrograd - Leningrad and its surroundings. Remembering her hometown in the days of the war, she wrote that her shadow remained on its walls. But in the book of her life there are also Kiev pages in which it is time to read. Who knows, without Kiev, maybe the fate of Anna Gorenko, known to fans of fine literature as Anna Akhmatova, has developed differently. Is it better? Is it worse? You never can tell. But, most likely, in a different way... – What was Kiev for the poet? What threads and why attracted again and again? The answers to these questions will help, I think, to get to know Anna Akhmatova better, and hence her work. Anna Akhmatova had an amazing memory, and remembered herself from a very young age. Already in old age she was going to write an autobiographical book (the model was chosen “The Noise of Time” by Osip Mandelstam). To this end, she began to record her memories, while still sketchy, episodes that suddenly surfaced in memory, hoping to reduce them into one book. Unfortunately, she did not have time to do it, but the surviving records (the so-called "Leaves from the diary" and other notes scattered in notebooks and notebooks of different years) give an opportunity to restore some facts and events of her life. In particular, there is a record that she visited Kiev for the first time at the age of five. All winter the Gorenko family lived then, apparently, in the hotel "National" (Akhmatova mentions in her record that they lived in a hotel “above the Bessarabian market”). From here we begin our “journey” to the Akhmatova places of Kiev. At the age of 11, she wrote her first poem. At the age of 13 she met a man who played a big role in her life. He was a high school student and only three years older than her, but was already preparing his first collection of poems for printing. His name was Nikolai Gumilev.

Kiev city, poems, creativity, autobiographical book


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