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One of the most important features of Turkish epics is that they have mythological features. This becomes more apparent when viewing the hero of the saga. In most Turkish epics, children born miraculously and accepted as gifts from God do not grow for months, and not for years, but for hours, and quickly reach their full age. As adults, these children are distinguished by their extraordinary talent, courage, kindness, devotion to the covenant, are tested for the sake of their homeland, their love, family and show heroism. From the very beginning of the epic, miraculously gifting infertile parents with a child; pregnancy of a mother from a sip of water, from part of the foam from the surface of the water, from part of the city falling from the sky, from the saliva of a dervish, a sorcerer and a witch, from one leaf, from the smell of one flower, from eating one apple, pomegranate or other fruit, from one breath, from the dust of a dry skull; possession of supernatural traits of a child born after some time; maturation of a child not months, years, but hours and days, the ability to use an arrow, a battle with wild animals and getting a name, subjecting the hero to various trials for the sake of his bride, is clear evidence of the hero’s connection with supernatural powers, from the moment the fetus enters the womb of the mother. Only a hero with supernatural powers can reach the end of the epic, win, having passed the most difficult and dangerous trials. This supernatural power is connected mainly by two questions: the hero himself is an endowed miraculous power from God, and supernatural powers help the hero. The study describes the unusual features of the heroes, studied the epic features of the hero’s use of miraculous power during trials, victories using superhuman abilities, victories in battles and battles with underground and terrestrial supernatural beings. For the first time in the study, the tests of the hero of the saga and its forms, which reflect the connection with magical powers, are systematized.

Turkish, saga, hero, supernatural, power


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