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Due to the accelerated world change, organizations have to cope with many conditions as a result of the industry revolution. Organizations and businesses grow and utilize various economic and livelihoods in their sectors. This condition contributes to continual change and lifelong learning. Since the globalizing begins all restrictions and barriers are removing between the countries and organizations that's why transferring of information is being the more important fact. This result is observed that there are big differences between classical companies and newly popular and strong companies. Some companies actually have limited capitals though their knowledge is of greater importance. Because companies and organizations have learned the importance of knowledge in the last decade, many research and knowledge management applications have been launched. Nevertheless, the word sharing information continues to expand. With the advancement of information, such concepts as content marketing, cognitive property and development of knowledge have developed. These concepts related to the management of knowledge will be represented in this research. In Turkey, as in the world, it has been understood that Knowledge Accumulation (Knowledge Management), which is defined as “invisible value” in companies, and its management (Information Management) and intellectual capital are the power that provides basic “competitive advantage”. As the importance of information management is understood, its applications will increase. In this study on Knowledge Management (KM), what the KM is, how it has emerged, its development and its current status and importance are explained. In addition, this research involves a view about the structure of knowledge systems, system analysis of information and sustainability of information management systems. Application examples are given from the companies that apply KM. The application of this study supports to identify and categorize the requirements of the Priorities for Improving Knowledge Management System with Multi Criteria Decision Making method. KM is highlighted the implementation of a company in the conclusions regarding the management or the importance for Turkey claimed that the solutions to become more efficient are highlighted.

Information, Knowledge Management, Multi Criteria Decision Making Method, System


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