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The Effect of Transformational Leadership Style on Organizational Citizenship Behavior of Employees

The research was done with the aim of identifying the causality relationship between transformational leadership style and organizational citizenship behavior. The hypothesis of the research was identified as “transformational leadership style provides foresight in predicting organizational citizenship behaviors”. Likert type scales were applied by using the avai¬labl¬e¬ literature in order to identify the relationship between the two concepts. These me¬asur¬eme¬nt tools were applied to 282 people who were employed at different levels in man¬uf¬ac¬turing and service sector enterprises. 268 of the participants gave feedback by answering the questionnaire. 8 questionnaires were evaluated as invalid as they contain incomplete data. Finally, statistical analyzes were performed on the data in 260 qu¬est¬ionn¬aire forms. Regression analysis was used in order to identify the relationship between trans¬formational leadership and organizational citizenship behavior. As a result of the analysis, it has been concluded that the relationship between transformational leadership and organizational citizenship is statistically significant and transformational leadership style has an effect on the organizational citizenship behaviors of employees.

Transformational Leadership, Organizational Citizenship Behavior, Manufacturing and Service Sector


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